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Collaborator v. 1.21.0 – Chat in elearning portal, group and personal communications channels 💬

New features in Collaborator v.1.21.0:

  • Chat  – group and personal channels of communication.
  • Course – customize finish page
  • Numerous improvements:
    • Reports. Show statistics by tasks participants.
    • Tasks list. Number of unchecked answers in tests task.
    • Resources. Allow to download original documents, that was converted in HTML-pages.
    • Polls. Who voted for that?
    • Polls 360°. Managers have access to reports of competency assessment his employees.
    • Course edit page refactoring
    • The lock print option for web-portal pages
    • “External ID” in User Profile

    solved more than 70 tasks of development, optimization and improvement.

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