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Infographics: Results of Collaborator for 2017

2017 was for our team productive and successful. We switched to Angular 4, integrated with the Easygenerator, participated in several E-learning conferences and expanded our staff.
A few days before the start of the new year, we analyzed the work of Collaborator and collected for you the most important figures in the holiday infographics.

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1.34.0 — Integration with Easygenerator, Evaluation scale, dispatching of notifications about chat messages and many more

We released Collaborator v. 1.34.0!

In current release:

Authors can easily connect their courses created in Easygenerator to the system. Users can view coaches’ comments about evaluation of their answers in quiz. Moreover, Collaborator will remind users about newly opened stages of Training programs.

  1. Integration of Collaborator with Easygenerator
  2. Users may see comments on received marks
  3. Users may see own marks based on evaluation scale rule
  4. Sending reminders about opening of Training elements
  5. Hints for program elements in reports


  • update in Custom reports – export to PDF
  • task completion period was added to exported reports
  • quick transition from User data card to Study history
  • quick transition from Request for a new attempt to test protocol
  • more information about birthday person in Birthdays reminders
  • notifications about missed Chat messages
  • new format of exporting poll report to Excel

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