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Collaborator 1.28.0 — Updating of Programs, Tracking of Emails, and Speeding up of Performance

We continue teaching Collaborator with new functions and improving the old ones. New Collaborator 1.28.0 helps to track history of all sent emails, adding Meetups to Programs and, if necessary, update Tasks with such Programs for those who have already passed them. In addition, many other improvements made work of the platform faster and more convenient.

In this release:

  1. Tracking of email dispatch
  2. Updating of Learning Programs in Tasks
  3. Group assigning for roles
  4. Speeding up of Performance in Tests, Webinars, and Meetups
  5. Autosearching of Resources by name
  6. Description of Program elements
  7. Adding Meetups into Programs
  8. New option for birthday greetings
  9. Active Directory synchronization

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